Assign Reviewed Manuscripts back to the Author(Revise)

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In this section, we are going to ask the Author make some revisions .

To do so, select the General Reviews or find the Manuscript in other sections.

Click on Manuscript Id.

Select on of the revision options according to Reviewers comments.


You can change Review Due date from here.


Here you can select reviewers' recommendations to send to the author. You can also select the Manuscript Evaluation form to send to the author.


Archive Manuscript Main File: When the author sends the new file for revision, the previous version's stay in manuscript history by selecting this option.
The Author should upload the main file of the new manuscript: If you don't select this option, the author should delete the previous file and upload a new file.
Delete Files attached For Reviewer: The file will be unreachable for reviewers after sending their recommendation.
Do Not send related email: If you select this option, a Notification email won't send to the author.


After the revision on manuscript by the author , you can reassign it to the same reviewer or to new reviewers

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