Reviewer Role Overview

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In this user manual, we will go through the features of the reviewer’s role in Journal Manager. As previous roles, different features of the system are available through the left panel. Through this panel, the reviewer can find the new manuscripts assigned to them (i.e. New Assignments), look through their ongoing work (i.e. Pending Assignments), look through the manuscripts they have already decided on including “Completed Assignments”, “Declined Assignments” and “Closed Assignments” (i.e. Decisions), and configure their account information and request for certifications.

The reviewer will also see a chart displaying their overall progress in the first page.

In the following all sections will be explained in greater detail.

New Assignments

Through “New Assignments” the reviewer can access a list of recent manuscripts that have been assigned to them.

By selecting the “Manuscript ID” of a specific manuscript, the reviewer is then able to decide whether to agree on reviewing that specific manuscript or declining to review it. To be able to make an informed decision, the manuscript information is also displayed at this point.

Pending Assignments

Through the “Pending Assignments” section in the left panel the reviewer can come back to their pending assignments and complete their review. By selecting this, the reviewer will be able to see a list of all the manuscripts they have agreed to review, but have not been completed yet.

By selecting the “Manuscript ID” of a specific manuscript, the reviewer can view all the information needed to complete their review. This includes the manuscript information, any related files and the manuscript evaluation form. Furthermore, the reviewer could also add any comments and recommendations for the author, and attach any necessary files for them (see figures below).

Filling in the manuscript evaluation form is the main basis for reviewing a manuscript.


In this section, you can have access to all the manuscripts you have already decided on. These manuscripts are categorized under three different sections being “Completed Assignments”, “Declined Assignments” and “Closed Assignments”. Completed assignments are those manuscripts which you have reviewed and decided on. Declined assignments are those manuscripts which you have declined to review them, and closed assignments are those manuscripts which you have not responded to and the journal has decided on them; through this option you can get informed on the journal’s decision on the manuscript.

Certificate and Account Info

Through this section, you can configure your bank account information, and also request a review certificate from the journal. By selecting “request review certificate”, the reviewer should first select for which year they are requesting the certificate for and then select the “view” button to get a preview of the certification. Finally select “Print” if you are satisfied with the content.

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