Author Role Overview

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When you log in to the system, you will find the menu on the left side panel where you can send and track your manuscript status until publishing.
The author panel has three main categories, each consisting of multiple sections, which will be explained in detail in this manual.



1. New Manuscript


1.1 New manuscript
From this section, you can send a new manuscript for the journal.
1.2 Incomplete Submissions
If you leave the system before completing the manuscript submission, the manuscript remains in this section.
1.3 Sent back to Resubmit
If the manuscript needs resubmission, it will transfer to this section.
1.4 In process
After submission, you can track manuscript status from this section until the manuscript needs revision or resubmission.


2. Revision

2.1 Request for Revision
In this section, you can find manuscripts that need revision. You should resubmit the revised manuscript from this section.
2.2 Revision Being Processed
After submitting a revised manuscript, you can track the manuscript status from this section.
2.3 Declined Revisions
If you decline revision, the manuscript will transfer to this section.
2.4 Edit and correction
You can see manuscripts that need edit or correction in this section.


3. Decisions

3.1 Request for Payment
In this section, you will find your Manuscripts Awaiting for Payment.
3.2 Galley Proof
In this section, you will find your Manuscripts that need Galley proof.
3.3 Submissions with a Decision
In this section, you can see your manuscripts with a decision, receive an acceptance and publishing Certificate.



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