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When you log in to the system, you will find the menu on the left side panel where you can send and track your manuscript status until publishing. The author panel has three main categories, each consisting of multiple sections, which will be explained in detail in this manual.

From this section, you can send a new manuscript for the journal.



Click on a New Manuscript



Here, you can see all steps that you should pass to send a new manuscript.



First, you should select the Manuscript type. You can go forward with the “Next” and back with the “previous” button in each step.



In this step, enter the full title and running title of your manuscript.



Please enter the name and details of all authors (other than you) who contributed to the work reported in your manuscript. 

  1.  Select the check-box if he/she is the Corresponding Author. If you choose another author as the corresponding author manuscript moves to his/her profile, and that person can contact the journal, revise the manuscript, ...
  2.  If you entered any other Author’s information, click here to save the information.



Enter the abstract of your manuscript into the text box below. The abstract may be copy and pasted from a word processing program; however, the formatting will be lost. You can see the abstract count above the abstract box and the word count below it.



In this step, enter keywords separated by semicolons or commas. Notice that you should write keywords as much as the journal declared on this page.



In this step, you should select the subject related to your manuscript. You can enter one or more subjects in the second field if you like. Select the related subject in the first field is mandatory.



In this step, enter any comments you would like to send to the editorial office.



In this step, enter your suggested reviewers in the manuscript field. You can see descriptions about the number of reviewers you should suggest submitting your manuscript.



In this step, upload all the files related to your manuscript. Be careful; you should upload all mandatory files shown with * sign.
After uploading files, you can see and edit uploaded files in the table below this page.



You can enter your cover letter and confirm checklist items in this step.



In the final step, you can check your manuscript information and submit your manuscript. You can not finish your submission until completing all steps.



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