Publish accepted manuscripts

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Click on Accepted Manuscripts to see the list of accepted manuscripts.


Click on the green tick to continue.


  1. Define volume and issue
  2. Select Document Type
  3. If you use eJournalPlus automatic activation, don't fill this section. You can write down the article DOI or edit it before publishing.
  4. Edit Article's Title if it is necessary
  5. Edit Article's Title if it is necessary
  6. Edit Abstract if it is necessary
  7. Edit keywords if it is necessary


8. enter the list of references
9. Edit the beginning and ending pages of the manuscript in the issue
10. Enter these Dates if it is necessary
11. Click on Choose File to upload the full text of the Article in PDF format
12. You can select and upload any Supplementary files if it is necessary


13. Select the subject related to the manuscript 

14. click here to add the selected subjects 

15. Select the checkbox if you want the system to inform the author about his / her Manuscript publishing through email 

16. Select the checkbox if you don't want to change the Manuscript status to published for Editor-in-chief.

17. Notice: If you want to show words in title or keywords as Italic, put them within <i></i> tag.


18. Edit or enter the author's details
19. Select the checkbox if the author is the corresponding author
20. Click here to save the information of the Author to the Manuscript's authors list
21. For authors with more than 1 affiliation, please use | (Shift + \ ) to split affiliations.
22. To edit or delete an author from the manuscript author's list, click on one of these icons
23. To change the display order of the authors' names, click on one of these Arrows
24. Click here to Save the new display order
25. Click here to Save the information


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