Basic Settings

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1. Click here to Access System Admin.

2. Click here to set up the basic setting.

3. Click on each item to complete your setup.

4. For example, we clicked on Terms and Conditions for manuscript Submission. This page will be shown to you; click here to enter terms and conditions.

5. Insert Terms and Conditions here.

6. Click here and go to the System Admin role.

When you log in to the system, you will find the menu in the left side panel where you can manage all the configurations you need for setting up your journal. The panel has four main categories, each consisting of multiple sections, which will be explained in detail in this manual.

7. Click on Basic Settings in the setting category.

8. Language Setting: Select Single if your journal needs only one language. If you select Multiple, you will have a website for two languages, and the author should send the manuscript title, abstract, and keywords in two languages.

Primary Language: Choose the website's primary language.

: Choose publication frequency.

Print ISSN: Fill in this section with print ISSN to show on the first page.

Online ISSN: Fill in this section with Online ISSN to show on the first page.

Journal Code: Fill this section with journal Abbreviation. This code will be shown in Manuscript ID.

: Put abstract word count here. Author only can send a Manuscript with this limitation.

Keywords: Put keywords count here. The author only can send a Manuscript with this limitation.

Journal's Primary Email Address: Put journals email here. All journal emails will be sent with this email.

Journal's Secondary Email Address: If anyone fills the contact us form, the message will be sent to this email.

Email Address for Copying Multiple Parties: You can receive a copy of all notification emails that send from the system. If you want to receive a CC from all emails, fill in this field with an email.



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