Reviewing Process

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Through the reviewer role, you can access a list of manuscripts Editor in chief assigned to you.

Through “New Assignments” the you can access a list of recent manuscripts that have been assigned to you.

Select Manuscript ID.

By selecting the “Manuscript ID” of a specific manuscript, you are able to decide whether to agree on reviewing that specific manuscript or declining to review it. To be able to make an informed decision, the manuscript information is also displayed at this point.

Notice: You will receive an invitation by email to review a manuscript 

  1. Download manuscipt main file.
  2.  Please fill the evaluation form to submit your review
  3. Fill in Comments for Author.
  4. write comments for editor.
  5. You can upload a file to send your feedback to editor in chief.
  6. Select your final recommendation.
  7. click on this button to submit your recommendations.

Notice: After you agree to review a manuscript, it will be go under Pending Assignments. 

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