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Here below, you have examples of additional settings that can be used to configure more advanced settings for your journal. Different settings will be explained in the following.

Manuscript List:

In this section, you can configure settings related to displaying the list of manuscripts submitted to the journal and some other settings.


Editor Settings:

In this section you can configure settings for the editor role in the system. Among other settings, you can:

  • Set the amount of days needed for making the final decision on a manuscript and send it back to the Editor-in-chief with his/her comments 
  • Deciding whether to send the letter of completion after how many reviewers have done their job
  • Configuring the editor’s role in suggesting reviewers:
    - Editor only can send some suggestion to the Editor-in-chief and can not make any decision themselves.
    - In the second option, Editor-in-chief can give some more permission to the editor in order to send manuscripts to reviewers and finalize the review process.

Reviewer Settings:

In this section you can configure settings related to the reviewer role in the system. Among other features you can select the review process between the main two options below:

Single Blind: only author’s information is accessible for reviewers and in any case  reviewer’s information remains anonymous.
Double Blind: both  reviewer and author’s information remain anonymous and nobody knows who is the author and whos is the reviewer)

The system admin can further set the review due date in such a way that when a reviewer accepts to review the manuscript, the due date will be extended. Moreover the default review due date can be assigned according to the type of revision (i.e. New Manuscript, Major Revision, Minor Revision).


Author Settings:

In this section you can configure settings related to the author role in the system. Among other features:

  • You can select the amount of suggested reviewers the author should introduce to submit the manuscript
  • The amount of days for which the author should revise their manuscrip
  • Whether they have permission to change the co-authors on the revision step
  • Enabling them to choose the suggested subject related to their manuscript


File Upload Settings (for Authors):

Here you can configure settings related to the submission of the manuscript file and other supplementary files. You can choose what file types are acceptable for the manuscript main file, and also configure the upload status (i.e. optional, mandatory or disabled) of different files. 


Automatic Follow-up for Editors and Reviewers:

Here you can customize how editors and reviewers receive their follow up letters as well as the amount of days that are due.


Display Settings:

In this section the display settings related to the user interface could be modified.


Payment Settings:

In this section you can change the amount of fee to receive for the review and acceptance fee.



In this section you can decide when to check for plagiarism (i.e. Upon submission by author, Upon sending manuscript to reviewer(s) or manually by editor ). Furthermore, you can determine whom should pay the fee and also what plagiarism system should be used. 


Email Settings:

In this section you can change and customize the email configuration setting.


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