Assign Manuscript to a Reviewer

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First, Click on New Manuscript(or other section that the manuscript is in).

Click on the Manuscript ID


  1. You can select new action for the manuscript here
  2. You can see Manuscript complete information by clicking on this button


Select to assign to a reviewer


If none of the Reviewers are suitable, you can use this button to register a new Reviewer. This is a new account in the system.


Fill in the form to Add A New Reviewer.

Now you can choose a newly registered reviewer or other reviewers.


3. Select multiple or single reviewers 

4. Add your comment for reviewer

5. This email will be sent to inform the reviewer. You can revise any of the prepared text.

6. Choose Review Type. If it's the first time, you send this manuscript to the reviewer, select General. If it's for the second or last time, select final.

7. Set review du date

8. Click to finish the assignment 

9. Click here to preview the email sends to the reviewer.

10. You can also register a new reviewer by clicking here 

11. Manuscript Review Complete by All reviewers means that the system waits for all reviewers to respond. Still, if you want to make the decision quicker, you can choose a number of reviewers, and after they respond, the system will notify you that the reviewing process is finished and inform other reviewers.

12. Click here to save Manuscript Review Complete by

13. You can also upload a new file and add it as an attachment for the reviewer.


14. Send a Follow-up Email to the reviewer. Or You can Agree or Decline on behalf of the reviewer.


This option allows you to send a message to the Reviewer.


If your journal uses Double-Blind Review, you need to choose files sent to the reviewer.

Choose files from files that the author sends or upload files yourself.


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